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Used in compression and absorption systems of ice factories, air-conditioning units. Chemical stability, low vapour density and low corrosion to iron parts make it highly valued chemical for industrial usage.

Steel Nitriding

Used in the hardening of steel-case.

Neutralizing Agent

Ammonia finds its use in the waste management industry for neutralizing low-pH acids before the discharge into water bodies. The chemical also finds its importance as a neutralizer in power plants for ash emission control to curb pollution.

Corrosion Preventive

Acidic constituents of oil are neutralized, thereby assisting petroleum and gas industries in conservation of refinery equipment.

Rubber Industry

Used as a stabiliser of natural rubber and synthetic latex to prevent coagulation while storage and transportation.

Fertiliser Industry

Anhydrous ammonia is used in urea production; while also in the making of ammonium and nitrate salts.

Household Cleaning Products

Ammonium hydroxide – commonly known as household ammonia – is an ingredient in many House Cleaning used to clean a variety of surfaces including tubs, sinks, toilets, countertops and tiles.

Food and Refrigeration Industry

In food and beverages industries as a source of Nitrogen required for the growth of yeast and micro-organisms. Also for pH control in the yeast production


In pharma and chemicals everything is blended in liquid and then liquor ammonia is sprayed and entire material is crystallised. Thereafter it is powdered or converted in tablet etc as per reqt


In the textile industry, ammonia is used in the manufacture of synthetic fibres, such as nylon and rayon. In addition, it is employed in the dyeing and scouring of cotton, wool, and silk. Ammonia serves as a catalyst in the production of some synthetic resins.

Plywood Industry

Plywood Industrial Ammonia Chamber is widely used in furniture and handicraft applications due to its accurate and assured functionality. It allows the superior bending of the wood in the desired shape without cutting, cracking or wasting it.

Safety Measures

Incase of Exposure to Ammonia

Any conscious person who has inhaled ammonia causing irritation should be assisted to an uncontaminated area and inhale fresh air. If breathing has ceased, artificial respiration or CPR must be started immediately Summon a physician immediately for anyone who has been burned or overcome by ammonia. keep the patient warm and quiet, and take such specific action as may be indicated